It’s Autumn/Winter and we’re tasting the rainbow. Rich reds, zingy yellow and beautiful pinks now RULE. Welcome to the season of colour confidence. Unfortunately the weather clearly doesn’t agree with the fashion world. It’s dull, depressing and freezing, but the sunny hue is a ray of sunshine; like we’re literally stepping into spring, in the middle of November. It’s sartorial optimism, indeed.

From Bey’s famous Roberto Cavalli ruffle dress, Emma Stone’s La La Land citrus-coloured dress or Emma Watson twirling around like the princess she is that yellow Beauty and the Beast ball gown, some serious savvy ladies have rocked the colour and absolutely killed it.


Vibrant lemon tones might make you shiver with fashion fear of looking like a bright hot mess. And not the good kinda hot. I feel you. But, from fizzy sherbet, mustard tones to pastel lemon hues, yellow ran a range on the catwalks at the beginning of the year, proving that there is shade out there for everyone. Play with tones and textures as per the standard style rule for whatever colour you’re block dressing in. But, if like me, the dilemma of dressing head-to-toe in yellow might turn you into La La from the Teletubbies rather than into Emma Stone from La La Land, then this is solution for you. Off-the-shoulder jumper and an asymmetric skirt means your skin shade will break-up the yellow hue. Paired with white (or black) ankle boots means you haven’t fully sold your soul to the sun, just yet. And I know what you’re thinking; a skirt? In this COLD weather? Well, like I said in the jumper dress post, skin colour tights are your ice-cold saviours. Plus, wearing off this bright hue means even though the sun ain’t here to brighten up our days, at least our outfit is.

Ready to channel your inner Queen Bey; grand impression, sassy strut and really f*ck shit up in true girl-power style. Standard.

Jumper from Boohoo

Skirt from Topshop

Photography by Harley Baptiste.

Lots of love,