Everyone remembers when it would be FREEZING outside and your mum would tell you to wrap up warm and take your coat. But, the little badass child you were, you would brace the cold and then COMPLETELY regret ignoring your mothers advice. Don’t know about you but ain’t nothing changed around here. Dad said ‘wrap up’. I didn’t. I wore a wrap dress instead so I guess I’m half way there.

Okay, okay so if you’re thinking of this dress’s bad (w)rap (Lolz, pun intended), and it’s putting you off, it’s all fine ‘cause the flattering frock has been re-invented. Even better news, it’s completely and utterly versatile. So, recently I got a new job (my excuse for not posting in AGES – sorry team), and once again, I’m adjusting to working life. After months of travelling it’s hard o-kay! My wardrobe and myself are in desperate need of day-to-night items. Who has time for outfit changes anymore? Definitely not me. With long sleeves for that perfectly polished work look, and a little bit slinkier for after work drinks thanks to a pinched waist for silhouette #goals, this baby is the answer to 24 hour dressing. The perfect mix of statement for work, slinky for drinks? Knee high boots. This is 2018’s hero piece, and you need it.

Dress from Missguided

Photography by Harley Baptiste.

Lots of love,