When it comes to wearing white there is one style rule that jumps above all the hurdles; white makes you look like you run shit.

Yeah yeah, there’s nothing new about wearing white, all fashionista’s know that. But, this beaut romper is your style refresh for September. With the end of summer dawning on us we gotta brighten up the dull days ahead somehow. In crisp clean white this is THE way to flaunt your summer tan and keep that golden glow on show. Plus, power up on the details with a cold shoulder, and the never-ending trend of massive sleeves and you’ll feel like nothing but a boss babe.

Worried about looking like you’re smothered in stains? For starters I can guarantee you’ll channel your inner cautious queen mode as your shove your salad in our mouth, while typing out that email to Debra in HR about why you just don’t have time to attend that health and safety meeting. The fact that I managed to get through the day including rapidly licking an ice-cream melting faster than me hitting my snooze button at 6am, in 30 degree heat, and spill NOTHING, then quite frankly anything is possible. I didn’t fall over either. #winning.

Even though I can’t officially help you with spilled wine or chocolate stains (I wish you luck though), what I can do is promise that you’ll deffo make a statement as you rock this bubble of gorgeous-ness.  Especially when you master the art of downing coffee, as you power run up the office stairs at 8:59am and NOT spill a dime down you. Yeah, you’re definitely bossing life.

Playsuit from Missguided

Photography by Harley Baptiste.

Lots of love,