Almost fell in the water too, ffs.

We finally hit our last city in Italy; Venice. The city on the sea, and oh my life, it is serene. This is EXACTLY what I needed.

City breaks can be hec-tic. Everything goes at a hundred miles an hour. You’re literally running around, trying to see as much as possible in as little time as possible, jumping from one underground train, to another and entering 500 million basicallas over a 3-day period. FYI: I have now seen enough basicllas to last me a damn lifetime. Blessed forever – I hope.

So, of course EVERYONE looks at travel blogs for advice before they hit the city. Places to go, where to eat, where to stay, how many Basicallas you’re going to be going to. (Answer: none – guaranteed in a years time you wont remember any of them). If you are reading this, looking for some tips, stay with me, I’m about to give you the best Venice travel tip, EVER. Go to the Doges Palaces. Visit the Bridge Of Sighs. Go to the Magnum shop and make your own ice cream. Magnum topped with chunks of brownies? Oh my, it is to die for!  And, you just HAVE to take a Gondola ride. I mean you can’t go to Venice and not have a Gondola ride. That’s what we told ourselves anyways, before we spent a RIDICULOUS amount of money for a half an hour Gondola ride. €80 euros to be exact. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

BUT, the single best thing to do in Venice is get lost. Yeah, no, not in a rude way (obvs). Put google maps away, wind through the narrow streets, cross any of the 450 beautiful bridges and just.get.lost. After almost a month of following google maps telling me exactly which direction to go in, it was a breath of fresh air looking up at Venice rather down at my Iphone.

Instead of jumping on that underground train as it whisks you away to your next stop, jump on a boat, glide through the city, and admire the tranquility and breath-taking sites Venice has to offer.

Photography by Harley Baptiste.

Lots of love,