Ever since I can remember, the lead up to Valentine’s Day would trigger the same sentence every year from my father’s mouth. “Valentine’s day is a money making machine I will not participate in”. He would express how the day was simply a marketing tactic by corporations to increase profit. Unlike most women, who would probably have their husband sleeping on a coach for a few weeks for dismissing this ‘special day’, it didn’t actually bother my mother. Something I actually quite admired.

Our capitalist society is based around the concept of consumerism. Objects are given identities. For example, you buy them Louboutins because walking around with that red sole will show the world you’re clearly from the more wealthier, more stylish part of society. The same can be argued for Valentines Day. The ideology that you are loved, if your significant other half does something special for you on this one day. Personally, I think they should be doing something special more than once a year.

Not to rain on your special day, if you are all about Valentines Day. In essence, what I am trying to say is, that the beautiful red dress you will wear on Valentines day, well, you can it wear any day of the year.

Photography by THE NEW LAYOUT


Lots of love,