I’m the type of person who likes to have EVERYTHING planned. I want to know where I’m going, where I’m staying and what I’m going to be eating. Girl gotta eat you know (preferably cheesecake). If we’re talking clothes, you best believe I’m going to plan what I’m wearing the night before. Kudos, to you girls who can pull something out the wardrobe, chuck it on and look killer. I envy you.

This trip was planned down to as much detail as possible. From accommodation and trains to what we wanted to see in Valencia and how much attractions would cost. I got A LOT of lists on my laptop and Pinterest search is my life. But, on a trip like this the plan is highly likely to get hit by a train and shatter into a million pieces… yeah, we got hit by that train. Travelling for the first time doesn’t come without any life lessons, and, I wouldn’t be on this trip if I didn’t want any.

Valencia taught me to ’forget about the plan and learn to go with the flow’. This started when we headed to to a place called La Finestra. When it’s €1.50 for a pizza (okay – not a full sized pizza, you’d probably need 3 per person), for travellers, that’s winner winner you’ve found your dinner. Considering our budget went out the window in the first 3 days, we were DEFINITELY eating here. Me being me, I was a bit sceptical. Why? Well, cause you can’t choose what pizza you want! You tell them how many pizza’s you want, BUT, you can’t specify what you want. You can make requirements e.g. you’re vegetarian or you don’t eat beef, but apart from that, you sip some wine and see what they bring. So, I sat there anxiously downing drinking my Pinot Grigio in anticipation. Oddly, there’s something exciting about the unknown – something which I don’t usually agree on, and there is something ever so satisfying about being given an unexpected delicious delight. Every single thing I ordered was mouth-watering.

Considering things planned haven’t gone to plan and the impulsive experience worked out perfectly, suppose it’s time to go with the flow, hoping it’ll turn out smoother than I expect it too. Plus, it’ll save me a lot of time taken up from making all these long lists. Yeah, bye Pinterest board.


Take a bike ride ride through the Turia River Park (used to be a river but they turned it into a park to stop flooding)…

Stop off at all the beautiful parks and buildings along the way…

Stop off at Cathedral de Valencia for AMAZING views at the top (€2 entry)…

Dinner at La Finestra (obvs)!

Spend the day at the beach. Cause who’s gonna pass up on a day spent in a bikini?

Photography by Harley Baptiste.

Lots of love,