You know the infamous scene of beach body goddess – Halle Berry walking out the sea in the James Bond film? Oh yeah, you know the jaw-dropping moment I’m talking about. The image in our heads as we run on the treadmill during our pre summer prep. Well, if you want to see that then get yourself a copy of Die Another Day – Halle Berry will definitely get you feeling guilty for scoffing that cheesecake in 30 seconds flat (not that I’d know or anything).

Yeah sure this Vlog, could of gone that way, with some nice shots of me walking through the water (Halle Berry style), or of my sandy ass. But nah. Instead, you can watch me getting completely taken out by waves, squirming at my fear of seaweed (don’t ask) and my boyfriend throwing me back into the water after I seek him as safety (best boyf ever *eye roll*).  Let’s face it, ain’t no one got the time, or cheesecake resistance to get a summer bod’ as good as Halle Berry.

So, if you wanna see how we experienced Valencia, from a real life perspective then scroll down and click play. FYI: we have a helluva lot more fun. No supercars though; soz.

Enjoy peoples…

Valencia Blog!

Video filmed and edited by Harley Baptiste 

Lots of love,