So we all got excited from the notion of Hygee – sitting on the sofa, with the warmest blanket, a hot chocolate; basically comfy AF. But let’s face it, on a Monday after a full day of work and getting to the gym (brownie points for me), we just haven’t got time for that. Well, now we’re entering the era of Lagom, a much more achievable way of tranquil living based around the notion of being frugal, fair and having a balanced life. Sounds like serenity to me.

With bills to pay, food to buy, and the basic necessities of living getting more and more expensive, we’re also expected to keep up with fashion and trends that are changing faster than me saying yes to cheesecake. My wardrobe is an over haul and I’m buying stuff I’m not even convinced I actually like, all because its ‘in trend’. I wear items of clothing too little and it’s costing me too much. So, in the name of Lagom: screw this.

When it comes to female dressing the phrase ‘recycling your outfit’ is used in a negative way more than it should be. (Boys, you get away with this and it’s god damn blessing). Yeah, you don’t exactly feel refreshed when you’re wearing the same outfit constantly, plus, it’s probably not great if you’re trying to get that #OOTD Instagram snap either. Well, I’m pretty sure when you recycle a cardboard box it doesn’t come back out as the same cardboard box. In accordance with actual definition of recycling, and to the experience of dressing with less, I’m now trying to ensure I can find at least 3 different ways to wear a piece of clothing, And hopefully, in turn, this will manage my closet chaos.

So, with the money saved from NOT splashing out on a million different tops, all with ever so similar sleeves, and less brain power thanks to the decrease in decision-making, maybe I will go buy myself a hot chocolate and sit on the sofa, comfy AF.

Knee High Boots from EGO OFFICIAL
Slip Dress from River Island, similar HERE
Leather Jacket from MISS SELFRIDGE

Photography by Harley Baptiste

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