We consume quicker and live faster than ever. Type in “2017 trends” into google and within seconds you have messages, inspiration, facts and tutorials from Instagram, Pinterest and the millions of fashion platforms on the internet at the tip of your fingertips. Literally. Swipe down for a couple minutes and you’ll have a million ways style RUFFLES AND FRILLS trend. Tapping the laughing emoji is quicker than actually cracking a smile – let alone laughing. If we go through life so quick how are we supposed to stop and make a statement. Oh wait, we have twitter for that 140 characters say what you wanna say. But is that really making a statement?

Sleeves. A time when they were simply the functional part of our clothes. They came in either different lengths, or different colours. They were the overlooked part of our attire and with nothing to them, they were boring. The whole ‘off-the-shoulder’ trend was cute and chic but as soon as winter came and we needed a jacket to throw over our shoulders, we were back to basics. Are sleeves supposed to stay subtle? Erm, nope. They’re taking centre stage this season, from dresses and tops to coats and jackets, there isn’t a single section in the shops that isn’t dominated by statement bell sleeves.

Rather than running at a hundred miles an hour, searching so desperately to make a statement maybe we’ve got to take things slow. Things that are worth it take time, same way sleeves took their time to shine and look at them now, they’re sitting in the spotlight on the fashion radar.

Lots of love,