Reach for the stars hunnay.

Seeing stars? Yeah, you should be, girlfriend. Don’t worry you ain’t about to faint. This is the new print trend for 2018 and it’s shooting for the top spot for street style. Speaking about top spots, isn’t that the aim for the New Year?

If there is one thing EVERYONE feels in the New Year it’s optimism. With fireworks going off, champagne getting guzzled down and #feelgoodvibes in that prettay embellished dress, making those New Year resolutions seem oh so achievable. But, as January hits, if you’re just as sad as I am at the fact that the party season is over (I’m still drinking champagne btw and I have zero shame), then the new fashion trend is exactly what we need. It’s bringing back the sparkle and shine we reluctantly put at the back wardrobes at the start of January. Sparkle, shine and smiles for 2018? YASSSSS.

Whatever your 2018 goals are, whether it’s getting on top of AM workouts, sacrificing that glass of wine after work (good luck babe), or climbing that career ladder; no matter what, make sure you’re reaching for stars this year hunnay. And, if at any point this dreary weather is getting you down (I don’t blame you), and you feel your goals slowly slipping away from your focus, this trend is your telescope so you can re-focus yourself on getting closer to being on top of the universe.

We’re aiming for a year filled with out-of-this-world opportunities, magical experiences and success rates that reach as far as the galaxy. Most importantly, to come out the end of the year shining… brighter than the stars, darling.






Top from Missguided

Photography by Harley Baptiste.

Lots of love,