There was a time when fashion shows would set the trends and everyone wanted to wear what was on the catwalk. Nowadays, I see more images of what bloggers are wearing to the shows than the show themselves, and more of what models are wearing on red carpets than catwalks. If you ask me, fashion isn’t about trends it’s about style. I’m always trying to wear and buy what’s in trend, but with trends changing at a hundred miles an hour, how do you keep up? Well, you don’t. As I spoke about in my WORKING GIRLpost, finding individual style and keeping up with all the trends is hard. So instead I realised – screw it. Fashion is about style over trend and we can wear whatever the hell we want.

This year, Autumn Winter trends seemingly don’t want to let go of spring summer. To be fair, with British weather, and only 3 days of summer a year, I can see why. We aren’t seeing the stereotypical trends consisting of big oversized coats and chunky knit jumpers for the colder seasons. Style isn’t conforming anymore. We’re giving FLORAL a moment, in the middle of Winter, and the skirt and top combination is making it’s mark. So, who said you couldn’t wear a skirt in the middle of winter? Yeah you might freeze, but no-one said looking good was comfortable anyway.

Lots of love,