After bagging myself a real good first job, 7 months in, I got given the opportunity to go on the trip on a lifetime. So, I turned around and said ‘fuck it, I quit’. Here’s why…

For a straight up graduate, I actually had an amazing first job. I was working at Primark’s head office, creating all the online editorial content for the digital beauty section of the website, across all languages. My managers didn’t ask me to make them coffee 5 times a day, and I didn’t open anyone’s post, except my own, and Thirsty Thursday’s meant champagne on a… you guessed it: Thursday! #Winning.

So, you’re probably thinking ‘why the fuck you quit?’. Yeah, I thought the same thing too when I sat at the table in the cafe and told my editor I was handing in my resignation in, 7 months after starting. Suppose ‘one year’s minimums experience’ has gone out the window.

I know, you;re still staring the screen like ‘yeah, but WHY did you quit?’. Well, it’s simple. I don’t want to be a hamster on a hamster wheel my whole life. Thanks to Conservatives, Labour? All you lot who screwed the country and our economic standing up, us unbelievably lucky millennials (eye roll emoji) are more than likely going to be working till we’re 80. Freaking 80. We’re probably going to have a stroke before we get the chance to retire. Bollocks to that. Life feels like a train going 100mph and it’s going by faster than my contactless card transaction in Zara. I realised I couldn’t sit in an office staring at a screen all day for the rest of my life. I also couldn’t keep running the hamster wheel; doing the same thing While some people can happily do that, and boy do I praise you people, I’m sorry but I just can’t right now.

I have my WHOLE life to work, and the twenties are the only time when we can do whatever the hell I want. No mortgage, no marriage, no babies (unless of course you’re in your twenties and got a little bubba, in that case kudos to you, ‘cause I’m only just figuring out how to look after myself). So, as 22 year-old, whose just graduated, in the words of Gary Vaynerchuk: “This is the greatest 5 year window of my life”, but it’s not going to be that great if I’m sitting in an office staring at screen all day, is it? I’m being selfish and taking my twenties for myself.

I decided to break out the social circle of norms of society (school, work, die), and do something that’s soul lifting, potentially a bit of personal growing and down-right exciting. Instead of watching that 100mp train go past, I’m hopping onto it as I go inter railing around Europe for 2 months. I’m giving up my wardrobe full of options for a backpack filled with the minimals, ‘cause it’s time to see something other than my computer screen all day.

Its now, me, my boyfriend and my backpack.

Keep a look out for my adventures!

Lots of love,