There was once a time when the words “style” and “sneakers” never worked together. Style was high end and to some prestigious, trainers were for the lazy, the ones who didn’t understand the concept being “pretty hurts” (was Queen B wrong?!) and for those who let their style sit on the sideline. Well, not anymore. And, if there is anyone who is happier about sneaker style, it’s me.

Some may say the trainer trend is gone. Per-lease. No it’s not, it’s here to stay.  Thanks to 2016’s lifestyle trend: Hyyge, pronounced (Hue-guh), where us Brits are searching for optimum coziness and contentment, just like this trend, we’re all in for comfort. Question: where has the trainer trend and Hue-guh been all our lives?

Working in one of the biggest fashion houses where new styles and trends are coming in faster than my contactless card transaction in Zara, you’d think being stylish is number one priority. Slits and satin which were originally associated with a glamorous look and the classic appeal, you’d think wearing them in pure cosiness was a no-go. Well, comfort and style are now the two people who we were WISHING would get together for years, but didn’t, until now. We’re going from “pretty hurts” to pretty comfy, and about time too.

Trainers from HERE
Slip dress, similar from HERE
Satin choker from Primark in store.
Duster jacket from Primark in store

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