If like me you’ve been watching Stranger Things and then watching Stranger Things again (I can’t get enough) you’d be living in a world where you feel you’re in the 80’s. With the unreal cinematography, top class acting and quite frankly cool AF walkie talkies, the show literally transcends you into a whole different era. No iphones, no social media, no internet. No wonder I’m hooked. As I watch the show, I usually have my iPhone next to me, go on social media during the opening credits and I’m using the Internet to watch it. Ironic.

Well, escaping to Rome meant I didn’t actually use my iPhone (that much, anyways), didn’t really go on social media as much and I definitely didn’t need the Internet to get there. Okay, maybe google maps, but if we tried hard enough, we probably could of got there without technology. Millennials are lazy? Per-lease.



Just like Stranger Things, Rome lets you take a peak into a whole different era. Walking through the Colosseum and Roman Forums with unbelievably strong pillars towering over you as they withstand their crumbling exterior is rather exceptional. It’s a city of escapism. After all isn’t that the whole point of going on a vacay?

From Vatican City, Sistine Chapel, be sure to take a trip to the Trevi Fountain to join the millions who throw money into the water and make that famous wish. Win the lottery? GET A FREAKING JOB. No mate, I just want to be able to chat to my friends on the walkie talkie from Stranger Things. Over and out.

Photography by Harley Baptiste.

Lots of love,