They say that the pain of letting go, is easier than the pain of holding on. But, letting go is a painful release.

In recent times, life has forced me to let go of relationships. I’ve let go of things I want to hold on to. And I’ve held onto things I should of let go of. Wether it be relationships, new starts, or letting people go, in order to move onward and upward in life, I’ve learnt, letting go is un-willingingly necessary.

After doing nothing with myself over the past couple of months, I decided it was time for a change. I needed to do something with myself and move forward in life. Whilst it works for some – and I can see why – I just couldn’t be the girl who sits at home living off her father and working a minimum wage job. Especially after working my ass for a degree. However, moving onwards and upwards comes with a price. The price of letting go.

No-one really wants to let go of summer. But, with this seasons floral trend, you don’t have to.

You can bring summer vibes into our colder seasons this autumn/winter. With a hint of summer, in a long sleeve floral dress, paired with some knee high boots, for warmth – of course, you have the perfect balance of all four season in one outfit.

Dolce and Gabbana kicked off the printed plants trend in their Autumn pre-collection where they drew upon floral designs and plants, including the 17th century botanical designs by Creatures of the Wind. So, just like we call the 17th century ‘history’, Dolce and Gabbana bought it into the 21st century. So, when you think you’ve let go of things, maybe they’ll stay with you. And the things you have let go off, who knows might make a come back in the future. I hope so, anyway.

Dress from TOPSHOP

Lots of love,