The worst and best kind of parties; work parties. Free bar means lots and lots of champagne… HELL YES. But, being surrounded by your bosses – and if you’ve got your eyes set on a tasty promotion – means twerking on the dance floor is probably a no-go.

So, you gotta dress to impress the important people that are gon’ be there, but it’s a god damn party so obviously you want to look FIRE, and get down with your work wives. Ugh, com-pli-cated. But there’s a solution for this sistas. It’s about power dressing over a party dress. We have to thank whichever style guru goddess decided to invent the blazer dress ‘cause oh my this, is your lifesaver. This baby is the definition of showing your bosses that you can totally handle absolutely anything, and you DEFINITELY deserve that promotion.

We started to wear suits as a form of power dressing to assert authority and show we’re just as business minded as our male counterparts in the corporate world. And ladies we have made MASSIVE strides in the world of work, but now we’re making power dressing our own and changing the game. How? ‘Cause clothes don’t always have to be worn in the same way they are intended too. And that, my hunnays, is the definition of the blazer dress.

So bag yourself this beauty, rock it like the empowered, liberated female that you are, and tell the world that power dressing ain’t just for the office anymore. Make it a party wear statement and let your silhouette stand out by clinching your waist with a belt. What shoes to style this bad-boy dress with? The perfect party season boots, that’s what. Now, with lots of champagne at the ready, dance the night away in true professional but ever-so-stylish fashion and go get that promotion, girl. Strictly no slut dropping though – I warned you.







Blazer dress by Prettylittlething. Similar here

Photography by Harley Baptiste.

Lots of love,