Making it’s mark on the world, Croatia is on the uprise on the tourism travel list. It’s home to one of Croatia’s – and the world’s – most beautiful spots: Plitvice Lakes National Park. With 16 turquoise terraced lakes, waterfalls, walkways, hiking trails and so much more, this place is a bubble of natural beauty.

Last year I embarked on a no make-up mission. My main aim was to get  #iwokeuplikethisface, ‘cause backpacking around Europe meant I’d have no time for any AM effort.

Wearing no-make up for 2 months had some ever-lasting effects. I’m admittedly so lazy now. I wear no make-up unless I’ve got some serious evening plans (a girl has gotta get dressed up every once in a while), and if I am wearing make-up, there ain’t no satisfying feeling in the world like coming home to a make-up wipe and getting back to that fresh-faced feeling.

After city hopping through France, Spain and Italy seeing buildings after buildings… some very beautiful ones and some boring basicallas ones, hiking through Plitvice lakes was a breath of fresh air – literally.

We’re the adventurous type. Jump from 30ft into a waterfall? Yeah, we done that. Go snowmobiling along the glacier in Iceland? HELL YES. Jet-skiing? Erm, obviously. So, going for a Hike is what I needed. We spent a day at Plitvice Lakes and it was plenty of time for us. But, if you want to take it slow then 2 days is probably better. FYI: you CANNOT swim in the water. If you want to swim in waterfalls then look out for the next travel blog post.

Photography by Harley Baptiste.

Lots of love,