Playsuits are the MOST underrated party season attire, ever. From bossing it in a blazer, the standard ‘jeans and a nice top’ to embellished dresses, there are a MILLION types of party outfits. FYI: come Christmas and EVERYONE is wearing an embellished dress. BOR-ING. If you want to break away from the crowd it’s time to try this stylish statement. We’re inviting the playsuit to the party and it damn well deserves to be the on VIP guest list.

If you’re anything like me, nights out include; showing that bouncer your ID (while thinking: per-lease, why do I need to show you this?), strut pass him in sass mode, and HIT THAT DANCEFLOOR. All night. Darls, bodycon style hugging your hips means shaking them becomes A LOT harder. We’re not trying to have them life problems during party season. Slip into a playsuit and channeling your inner Beyonce, all while still looking flaw-less.

Playsuit from Boohoo

Earrings from Primark

Photography by Harley Baptiste.

Lots of love,


Embellished drop down earrings are basically the disco ball to the party. Pair your playsuit with these glistening accessories and your look is now completely red carpet worthy.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to dismiss the dress totally. Keep it for date night, babes. This’ll be when bodycon dresses come in handy for them sassy catwalk struts to impress BAE.