You know when you’re online shopping and order a bunch of GORGEOUS clothes, but when they come and you try them on you resemble a floppy fish. Devastating. Well, that was kind of like Nice. We had a quick 24 hours in France as an overnight stopover. I mean, it was nice, but that’s it. Just nice. The city is beautiful, full of rich coloured buildings, beautiful architectural buildings, clear blue sea, blazing hot sun and lines and lines of some of the best shops. You know, so you don’t have to wait for your delivery to potentially look like a floppy fish. So, you might be expecting me to say, the clear blue sea was AMAZING (rocky beaches aren’t my thing), or that the lines and lines of the best shop provided every girl’s dream: epic shopping trip. But no, I’m a backpacker on budget and at this point I was already broke. Thing is, the things that look the prettiest aren’t always the best. Staying in a hostel which obviously isn’t what some would consider ‘the best’ kind of accommodation. And hey, no judgement here, ‘cause at one point I would of CRINGED at the thought of someone wanting to stay in a hostel. But it was THE BEST. I mean, it still had damp marks on the ceiling, but when you’re having an amazing time you aren’t really spending your time in your accommodation, are you? Anyways, after dinner and meeting a whole lot of other travellers, give or take a couple of hours, two dangerous games of ring of fire, some cheap rose and A LOT of dancing on tables… this was the best part of the Nice. Let’s face it, nothing really tops dancing on tables now, does it? If you’re looking for a quick trip with the best of both city and beach then it’s a good getaway. But when I’ve been sitting on a long train journey, I want an adventure, a city with soul, and an experience like no other. ‘Cause let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than that heart-breaking moment when you’re waiting what feels like an eternity for the delivery to come through the door and the clothes just DON’T.LOOK.NICE. 

Photography by Harley Baptiste.

Lots of love,