Oh my life, I am ex-haus-ted. 2 weeks into a 2 month trip around Europe, and despite being on about a million trains, I feel like my body has been hit by one of them.

In Paris, the fashionistas can look like they’ve quickly thrown together something and look oh so effortlessly chic. Milan style is filled with vibrance. Put together some striking hues and clashing patterns and they look 100% bang on trend. Can someone please tell me where one can acquire these brilliant skills.

Filled with beautifully elegant buildings to clean subtle streets, the cities aesthetics is a clear contrast from the fashion sense. Unexpectedly however, it all works together in a harmonious bubble of perfection. And I just could NOT.GET.ENOUGH.

So despite that fact I had to have a blood test, a scan, an x-ray, walk around with a face mask on, (basically I thoroughly tested the Italian healthcare system) and my body was clearly in BITS, the things I seen and the experiences I gained were definitely worth me getting hit by that imaginary train.


Photography by Harley Baptiste.

Lots of love,


I have never seen a building so beautiful in my entire life. If you do a trip around Europe, like we’re doing, you’ll come across thousands of historical buildings. Some will be nice, some will be beautiful, some you’ll pay €6 euro to look at a wooden table in an empty room (don’t ask), and some will transcend you into a bubble of gorgeous-ness. The Duomo building exceeded all expectations and while standing in a sphere of magnificence, I did not want that bubble to break.

One of the biggest fashion cities in the world, so it would make sense it’s home to the oldest shopping centre. In the Nice post, I was saying how the nicest place aren’t always the best. Well, the oldest places aren’t always run down and frail. This is the most 

beautiful shopping centre I’ve ever seen. Trust me, I’ve been in A LOT of shopping centres. So, as I stared into Chanel, Gucci and Louis Vuitton, sulking at the fact that if I dared to buy anything I’d be starving for the rest of the trip, at least I was sulking in a stunning building.