Its rather ironic, how as humans when we’re busy we want to do nothing, yet when we do nothing we want to be busy. I suppose somewhere along the line you’re supposed to find the balance.

I feel as though life comes in waves. In recent times my life has been a back and forth between a sea storm and the calm ocean – both mentally and physically. After the world wind tsunami of final year university assignment and exams, I decided to take some time out and do nothing for a couple of months. But, just as I was getting bored, the storm after the calm arrived and the past couple of weeks have been a hundred miles an hour train journey.

The fashion industry is undoubtably one of the fastest industries in the world. I feel like as the models walk down the runway at LFW – London Fashion Week – it is that moment, when the hundred miles an hour train journey slows down to a speed of relaxation and release. Designers watched their months of hard work, stress and planning strut down the aisle in their visionary experience.

My long and stressful week, included a rather panic-struck Freya as my outfit did not look as I hoped, resulted in me running around Oxford Street, twelve hours before LFW. Evidently, the only time I was transmitted into a needed form of escapism, was when sitting in my seat at London Fashion Week, looking at designs which moulded elegance and statement through floral prints and bold red hues, represented ideally through an idealised mix of femininity and feminism by low cut V lines, yet wide leg trousers and straight cut body lines, created by Edeline Lee.

Whilst the fashion industry is an hundred miles an hour train, when it arrives at its destination, it is an artistic form visual harmony and escapism, known to us as London Fashion Week.

Blush tones and Burgundy

Whether it be the always saviour – black, being a daring women in all white, or a bit of nude and camel, I’m the kind of person who has a definite colour when dressing. Recently I have been loving styling together blush tones. I am all for the bold, independent and strong women of the 21st century, who makes her own choices in life, un-persuaded by society or any other counterpart, and stands on her own two feet. But with feminism over the years seeming to have been screaming at the ideal women to let go off anything labelled feminine, it is refreshing that the pairing of soft, girly hues is stammering street style in a confident, stylish and affirmative announcement. The perfect balance between feminine and femininity is a pair of blush tone trousers, paired with a burgundy crop top to make your mark. Obviously a long duster coat on top to finish, for our classic British weather.


My outfit:
Top – Zara in store.
Trousers – River Island
Coat – Missguided
Bag – Forever 21 in store. Similar here
Shoes – New Look

Rosh’s outfit:
Blazer – Asos
Trousers – Missguided
Shoes – Asos
Top – Miss selfridge (dress turned to top)

Lots of love