Even though Plitvice Lakes is the tourist attraction in Croatia, if you take a trip out there you just have to stream your schedule to fit in a trip to KRKA national park.

Yeah, we might’ve been on a backpacking trip, hopping from city to city but if there was one thing I was glad that I packed, but didn’t use that much, it was my bikini. I probably used it about 2 and half times within the whole 2 months. (Better than my workout gear, that I NEVER used). The first time was when I was channeling my inner beach babe in Valencia. The half-time was when I wore my bikini to Plitvice Lakes but didn’t actually use it, ‘cause you can’t swim in the water. Yep I know, beautiful, turquoise, crystal clear water and the only thing I really wanted to do was jump right in. The resist was unreal. But, THIS was the time it was totally worth carrying my swim stuff around, in my arguably over-packed backpack. If you’re fishing for some tropical life vibes in Europe then grab your ‘kini, head to KRKA and get ready to swim in waterfalls. DREAMS. Girl, you’re gonna get flooded for feels for this beyond beautiful place. Just like I did.

Get a coach trip from either Split or Zagreb to the unaltered area of exceptional natural value. Grab your tickets, get onboard the boat and let it take you to the waterfalls. Then, get ready to dive into the cool-pool. WARNING: it’s free-zing, but, best advice ever: it’s fine once you’re in (eye roll emoji). Also, maybe don’t dive in, ‘cause you’ll do some serious head damage, but channel your inner mermaid and slide your way across the slippery rocks to join the pool party. TOP TIP: Take some padlocks/bicycle locks as there aren’t any lockers to store your belongings while you’re drowning in #lifegoals as you float in fresh, waterfall water.

Take a walk around the park, following trails that’ll wind you through stunning streams, mini waterfalls and all the gorgeous views. If you’re thinking about visiting Croatia, this is your lifeguard warning to dive into purchasing tickets for KRKA. ASAP.

Photography by Harley Baptiste.

Lots of love,