I write this as I’m sitting on my sofa, gas fire on, and wrapped in a faux fur blanket like a new born baby being protected from the world. DREAMS. But, the outside isn’t exactly the winter ‘wonderland’ we have in mind. Well, my cosy, comfy dreams are about to get shattered into a million pieces ‘cause I gotta step out into the real world, also known as the; FREEZING cold. (Need to go get some hot chocolate)  What I really want is to take this snuggled-up-at-home, feeling with me to Tescos. I mean, isn’t that what we ALL really want in winter?

Well, our lazy-day prayers have been answered hunnays, and it comes in the form of the jumper dress. It is officially the most underrated winter wardrobe staple, ever. It’s basically your blanket, that you can wear outside… without getting any weird looks. I say go for high neck, ‘cause it works as your scarf; BONUS.

Styled with ankle boots, I know what you’re thinking… aren’t your legs cold? Nu-uh girls. Top tip for you: skin coloured tights. They’re a down-right lifesaver. But, the beauty of this must-have knitted dress is that it is so versatile. Don’t want to leave your legs bare. No problem. Knee high boots, babe. Or, layer-up with another dress, leggings underneath or a skirt. The options are endless. Hopefully unlike this freezing cold weather.

Right, chucking on this jumper dress and going to get that hot chocolate.

Jumper Dress from Missguided

Photography by Harley Baptiste.

Lots of love,