What are you looking for when you take a vacation? City? Culture? Beach? If there is one place that has it all, it’s Cuba. From brightly coloured streets, retro feels and the happiest, kindest people alive, it’s no wonder that Havana is the heart of Cuba.

Yeah, culture, city and beach is all the things we want from our holiday. But, the single, most important aspect ever, and, the real reason anyone is ever taking a much needed vacay? Escapism. And if that’s what you REALLY want, then you just gotta go to Havana. I’m not talking about just getting away from work, stress or that really annoying friend that keeps calling you about her dickhead boyfriend. This city will take you into a whole different era. Now that’s a real vacation. FYI no wifi will really help you feel like you took a step back in time. (Unless you’re one of those people who feel the need to buy a wifi card everyday and sit in the lobby of your hotel for an hour – in that case, stay at home).



£25 – £33 per hour

If there is one thing you simply can not miss out on doing, it’s sitting in a classic car. Take a trip round Havana for an hour, yeah its hot and sticky but the chance to channel your inner Audrey Hepburn in complete sass, is totally worth it. And with cars as beautiful as those it would be a sin to pass by the opportunity.


If you really want to make the most of your money, and really fall in love with the city, then you need to explore the back streets of Old Havana. We experienced two very different tours. One, we got taken around the historical monuments of Havana city and given a full insight into the lives of all seven statues, all within walking distance of each other. I don’t remember a damn thing the tour guide said. I was bored. Want to know some historical facts? Google it. Instead, we decided to walk around Old Havana ourselves. We met a local man who spoke English and he took us inside the houses of the locals, introduced us to the local kids – who we gave crayons, colouring and sticker books too (if you have luggage space, pound stretcher it). I’ve actually never seen kids run so fast towards me before, and with that, never a family a grateful for something what we could consider ‘so small’. He also gave us full insight into local Cuba life, where we realised that the city is clearly rich in cultural but it comes at the cost of the poor.


The Cabaret show at Tropicana is rather exhilarating and is a complete must see. Want to know why? Go see it!


Havana, without a doubt is a must see. The streets, the countries aesthetics and it’s overall “In Cuba – don’t worry about a thing” vibe, will fulfil your heart. However, take a closer look and your heart will melt at poverty and lifestyle of the locals. Either way, its an exhilarating, life-experience, that in some way or another change the way you view your world.

Photography by Biren Shah

Lots of love,