So, after getting a virus and ending up in hospital in Milan, our next stop was a quick 8 hours in Florence, before we headed to Rome.

After my Dad found out I was in hospital (after the Barcelona attacks he was probably losing all faith in me coming home in one piece) he offered to put me in a Spa hotel while we were in Florence. A SPA HOTEL! A SPA. A MASSAGE. Oh my life, after living out off a backpack, eating gross food, and coming down with a virus, this was the one thing I needed. But with a lot of resilience, and boy do I mean, A LOT, I declined the – probably once in a lifetime – offer, and decided to drag my flu infested body around in order to explore Florence. And, it was damn well worth it.

I mean, if I can get around a lot of Florence in 8 hours then surely anyone can. Nevertheless, I’d definitely recommend going for a long weekend. Take time for explore the Florence cathedral. The external architecture is incredible, and you’re going to want to take a snap from every.single.angle. A trip to the Uffizi Gallery is a must, but, if like us, you’re strapped for time, you can view Michelangelo’s sculpting work of genius from outside. To end our 8 hour trip, we finished off in Boboli gardens. Quite frankly, it wasn’t worth it. Let me explain… You know how DISAPPOINTING it is when you buy a packet of crisps, and the packet’s half empty. You basically paid for air. Well, I dragged my flu infested body up, what felt like, 10,000 steps to see a fountain that was TURNED OFF. OFF. I was not impressed.

Anyways, not end this post on a Debbie downer. Florence is definitely a beautiful city. Filled with exquisite art, architecture and culture, it is definitely one to add to the bucket list. Just don’t go to the gardens.

Keep scrolling to see all the beautiful pictures, while I go to see if that Spa offer is still available. Erm, Dad?

Photography by Harley Baptiste.

Lots of love,