Drop-down earrings are the new “IT” girl of accessories.

I remember when I was younger, my parents would give me £10 and I’d hit up town for a shopping trip with my besties. Oh wow, how £10 was actually A LOT back then. I would take my allowance to Claire’s or Tammy (LOL) and on the odd occasion make a special purchase of some very fancy nancy earrings. ‘Fancy’ meaning drop down chandelier style, of course. Soon as I got home, they would be stored away in a jewellery box, as I dream about saving them for prom night. We’ve come a long way since then. And I’m not just talking about the fact that a whole shopping trip on £10 is literally impossible. Listen up ladies, drop down earrings is the new ‘it girl’ of accessories.

Add bold statement earrings to your ‘jeans and tee’ attire to make any off-duty outfit worthy of a cocktail party setting. Per-fect for daytime errands and night time slaying. When you’ve got a day packed of meetings, a power lunch booked and need a fashion uplift, diamante drop-downs are how you add a touch of shimmer to your day dress. It’s not just a fashion staple hunnay, oh no, you’re going to stride with ample confidence with these beauties shimmering above your shoulders.

Whether it’s bold statement drop-downs, diamante encrusted scene-steals or mis-match pairs (keep scrolling to see), the earring of the season has fallen firm on the tasselled pair. Beaded or fabric you have to pull your hair back and show off your, on-trend accessory. Whether its a gold jewelled pair to go for drinks with the girls, a bold fuchsia to add a pop of colour, or a subtle navy to add some style to your workwear, tassel earrings need a seat in your jewellery box. Preferably front row.

Mismatch earrings are really a thing. Leave it to the host of highly talented and down-right stylish fashion bloggers that have been the pinnacle point at turning us ALL into the fashionistas we are today, they have managed to turn yet another catwalk crazy trend into the next street style thing. So when you’re feeling both hoop and long diamante ones, but cant decide which. Wear both.

So, maybe £10 won’t cut a whole shopping trip, but considering our budget is little more generous than £10, it’s time to open up our jewellery box up to the new wave of drop-down earrings.

Lots of love,