It’s almost Halloween, but if you’re like me and you hate halloween (yeah yeah, boo-hoo), then that doesn’t mean you can’t still look killer.  Forget about ghosty outfits, this drop-dead gorgeous dress is all you need to make a statement. No vampire blood needed. Still soul-suckingly good, though.

Dress from Tobi 

Duster from Missguided (similar here)

Shoes from Primark

Photography by Harley Baptiste.

Ready to kill with just how damn good you look? Hell yes you are! Whether it’s a first date, or the 1000th date with you babes, this is the drop-dead gorgeous dress you just have to wear. 

Style it with a mocha duster coat for that extra glam factor. Whoever’s sitting across from you at the table, they deffo won’t be drooling at how good the food tastes. 

All eyes on you girlfriend. Guaranteed. Walk into that club and strut your stuff in full sass-mode. Everyone is going to want to know where this dress is from. FYI: it’s from Tobi and it’s taking centre stage as you own that dance floor.