From the food we eat, to the music we listen to and the clothes we wear, we have developed new values, inclusion and cultural competency which has shaped us into the culturally diverse society we live in today. From having a rich cultural heritage, Britain is now considered one of the most culturally diverse counties in the world.

With cultural appropriation growing over the years in society and largely in fashion. The fashion world has definitely embraced diversity of the years with style and trends being increasingly inspired by different cultures. From the iconic British mini skirt, to the Japanese inspired kimono of Summer 2014, the flash of tartan from the highlands of Scotland, the Australian winter warming Ugg boots, the list could go on.  And just to show how times have changed within our own heritage, you know how you’re wardrobe is dominated by all your black clothes? In Victorian times wearing black was seen as indecent, unless you were widowed. Since 1926 when American Vogue published Chanel’s modest yet beautifully elegant black dress, and called it what the Model T is to Ford, black become fashion the winning fashion decision. So, thanks to the evolution of society, no-one will be asking if someone has died when you’re wearing that LBD.

You’re probably reading this, thinking why are you writing about this? Well, when me and the director of The New Layout (who also photographs me and designed this blog), decided to do a shoot which would feature the exquisite jewellery designs from Mireve, we immediately decided it would be a creative concept shoot. Whilst it is simply put asian jewellery with asian clothes, quite frankly, thats the easy way out. Mixing the defined, outstanding asian jewellery with a simple white maxi dress from ASOS created the culturally diverse and different aspect we were going for.

Open water, much like the ocean is a beautiful place. It’s a place of calm tranquil where one can get loose themselves and find themselves at the same time. However, unknown to many, I fear the open water. Whilst some may be okay with not knowing what is beneath or around them, I can not handle placing myself in the unknown. In recent times I have learnt that this is who I am as a person. I can not handle it when I am not in control over what happens. And whilst I must admit that this shoot was not shot in the limitless surroundings of the ocean, the four hours I spent in the water, working to create these looks made me forget about all the stressful things going on in life. And I can not forget the amazing night sleep I got after shooting in the water. It made me think, that whilst I fear the unknown, maybe letting go and letting life takes it’s course is the way to live a calm and tranquil life.

Lots of love,