I thought I saw the most colourful city when I took a trip to Havana. But, oh no. Burano babes. This.is.it. This island is basically Balamory. Oh yeah 90’s babies, feelin’ like you’re taking a trip down memory lane? Let’s face it, in the current depressing climate of Brexit, the plunging pound value and the god damn freezing cold weather, oh wouldn’t we ALL love to go back to our childhood days. You know, when “Hakuna Matata” actually meant something back then.

Yeah, we went travelling around Europe to escape ‘real life’ but with the pound value sinking faster than Britains faith in Theresa May, it turns out crossing the english channel didn’t solve all our problems. £1 to a €1… ARE YOU JOKING. We’re broker than broke now. Thanks Theresa. Instead, we’re trying more drastic measures… anyone got a time machine? No. Okay then. Turns out taking a trip to this little island is actually the next best thing, ‘cause stepping into Burano definitely got me feeling Nostalgic.

After spending €40 euro on our Gondola ride, and ANOTHER €40 euro for our 3 day (yeah I said 3 day) travel card, Burano was the energetic, uplifting push I needed to fill my soul. The lines and lines of brightly coloured houses makes this little island a bubble of vibrancy, with nothing but good vibes. Better yet, it takes you back to feeling like a kid again. After all, that’s kinda priceless, right? Excuse me while I go get my gel pens out.

Photography by Harley Baptiste.

Lots of love,