So you’ve obviously clicked on ‘about me’ – stating the obvious here, because you want to find out stuff ‘about me’. From my URL you’ve got my name. I’m in my twenties – late or early, I’m kind of hoping you can guess from the pictures. I studied media and communication, specialising in online editorial – that’s why I have a blog. And I recently worked at Primark head office creating all their online beauty editorial. Bored yet? Probably. So, here’s a scenario for you instead…

You’re on a date. You’re outfit is perfect, your hair and make-up game is strong and the location is spot on. You’re nibbling at food, attempting to make conversation but you can tell this could be leaning towards a date disaster. What do you do? Head to the toilet and make an escape like you’re an undercover FBI agent. Or, you can be determined to make something out of this. Well this person, on what would seem like a train wreck of a date is me right now. I’ve decided to take onboard the advice I would give to anyone else in the same situation. Stand strong and try to make it work. So here I am, plunging myself into this blog; I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I will creating it.

Lots of love,